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I may have just had a nerd-gasm! Family Guy vs Doctor Who Chris Griffin = The Master Megan Griffin = Rose Tyler Lois Griffin = Donna Noble Peter Griffin = The Tenth Doctor Brian = Captain Jack Harkness Stewie Griffin = Davros (Kinda gross if ya think about Meg being Peter's daughter...)

Of all the Companions, she's the best role model.


David and Catherine Tate in "The unicorn and the wasp"

A Noble Radiance (Commissario Brunetti #7) by Donna Leon

1795 Empress Elisabeth Alexeievna of Russia holding miniature of Catherine II by Vlaimir Lukich Borovikovsky (location unknown to gogm)

19th-century American Women: Turbans, Voodoo, & Tignon Laws in Louisiana

Liotard, 1762. Marie Elisabeth of Habsburg Lorraine. Brunswick or jesuit. via demode