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Anti inflammatory pineapple ginger smoothie


I don't need to see a weather forecast, my body can predict when the weather is going to be crappy!


Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Top Recommended Crystals: Chrysocolla, Morganite, Amber, or Blue Tourmaline. COPD is associated with the Heart chakra.

Lucifer rasgou as vestes e ajoelhando-se vergou-se para a frente como se fosse rezar, e começaram a rasgar as suas costas, espinhos negros como se carregassem. Toda a dor do mundo. Toda a morte. Toda a doença. Todo o mal que houve e haverá debaixo e acima dos céus.

Trastorno bipolar @gabinetedepsicl @SistemicaMente @infopsicologos @conversemos


Antiinflamatorio para la Artritis Reumatoide con Dieta, Ejercicios y Suplementos : Nueva Salud Natural, Remedio y Cura


I tried telling this to someone once, when they had the flu. "Remember how this feels. This is how I feel almost every day". But they can't understand. Most people have the ability to forget pain, because it actually goes away for some people.