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Thoughts dictate where we are headed, how we feel, who we are and where we are headed. If these are positive and optimistic, we will build strong castles. If these are negative and pessimistic, we will create sand castles that collapse easily. With this shirt you can question those who watch you, the direction of their thoughts at that time. They can analyze them correctly and decide at that moment to change the course of their lives. ~  Los pensamientos dictaminan hacia donde nos…

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See Brad Pitt, Age 14, in Dorky Basketball Team Photo

Future hottie Brad Pitt when he was just an 8th grade basketball geek via US Weekly


Há toda uma simbologia envolvida e uma grande variedade de desenhos ...

I’ve been using this idea for a few years with my older students, but never blogged about it. First, you need to download a dictation app, such as Dragon Dictation (which is free). Next, you …

Never before in the history of this country has a group of people been granted rights and then had them taken away like Proposition 8 did to same-sex couples. No matter the person, no one should have their rights limited, and no book should dictate the status quo. Gay and lesbian couples deserve the same rights. The pursuit of happiness should belong to every man woman and child. To learn more about this shirt, check out the Prop8 t-shirt design post on AssaultBLOG.


ABOUT SUPREMEBEING Supremebeing was created by a group of friends in 1999 with a mutual love of street culture, skateboarding, art, music and fashion. Beginning as a line of printed t-shirts, the label now offers a full collection of stylish, unique streetwear. It is the Supremebeing ethos to never dictate trends but to offer individual, contemporary and wearable pieces that allow the wearer complete freedom to create their own look.


A first year law school student wrote a complaint about her professor having…

Personal Branding: What is a Personal Brand? Building a Personal Brand Matters in 2016. Your Personal Brand is your reputation; branding is storytelling so people who you are and why they should care and what value you can create. What is your personal brand message? Really think about this when you introduce yourself to people. Your personal brand is what people are saying about you and how they feel about you. You can influence this believe it or not. Your actions influence your…