secret obsession of mine -- no, really, i've read loads of fanfics.

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I'm sorry but this is just too cute. And I don't usually use the word cute to describe things.

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Is your life's philosophy "Always let your conscience be your guide" or are you "mad, bonkers, off your head!" ?

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2nd fav part of my all time favorite movie. someone remind me to thank walt disney when i die

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meg and hades are the sassiest disney characters.

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Pegasus! I always wanted my own Pegasus when I was a little girl because he and Hercules were best friends!

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Hades Hurcules / Disney Villains Inspired Movie by FADEGrafix

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Be a pirate or die

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At least out loud, I won't say I'm in love (sha la la la la lah) My favorite song!

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Hercules inspired design (The Muses). #iPhone #Disney #RedBubble

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