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Disney Crossovers <3 "And at last I see the light!" "Come on and kiss the girl"

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sweet-ciao-ciao-girls: The meeting by ~Celiarts Pocahontas and Tiger Lily.

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I love the dynamics going on in this. Aurora's off on her own, Belle looks mad, Tiana's upset, and Jasmine's just off in la-la-land.

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Super cute Dreamworks and Disney crossover with Hiccup as Flynn Rider/Eugene and Astrid as Rapunzel

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Zootopia/Robin Hood Crossover More

Wendy (Disney Peter Pan) and Alice (Disney Alice in Wonderland) Curtsey gif crossover disney crossover gif edit

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Disney's old ladies: Grandma Fa, Mama Odie, Gramma Tala, and Grandmother Willow.

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Disney crossovers a little too much?

Disney crossovers a little too much?

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