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.: DEUSES INDIANOS - Significado e Simbolismo

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Goddess Mama Killa , in Inca mythology and religion, was the third power and goddess of the moon.

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Deuses Indianos, significado e simbolismo: SHIVA NATARAJA -

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Inanna was the Queen of the Sumerian Pantheon and Goddess of love, fertility and war. Her other names included Ninanna (Queen of the Sky) and as Ninsinanna she was personification of the planet Venus, linked to the morning and evening star. The Babylonians knew her as Ishtar. Sacred marriage rites were performed at the Sumerian New Year. At the ceremony this Goddess would be invoked to bless the couples with fertility.

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Amém, ao meu marido, aos meus filhos, que Deus os proteja.

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Spe Deus: Maria caminho seguro e curto para chegar a Cristo