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Detox Wrap

Homemade body wraps DIY to do at home, to lose inches, fight cellulite, detox and get smooth skin. check our complete 101 guide about body wraps with tips, recommendations and our 11 Natural recipes with step-by-step instructions.

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Detox Body Wrap

DIY Body Detox Wrap by DIY Ready at

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2 Detox Bath Recipes to Naturally Flush Out Toxins

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At home bodywrap . Lose inches in an hour and burn more calories.....mix vitamin E and farewell cellulite cream. then rub the cream where you want to lose inches...wrap tight with plastic wrap and go for a walk...(run) this for a week it will release toxins and burn fat. Also please remember to drink lots of water.

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How to Detox Your Body

Check out How to Detox Your Body | DIY Detox Body Wrap by DIY Ready at

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Detox Body Wrap

Lose Inches with this Detox Body Wrap by DIY Ready at

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Best weight loss body cleanse I've used!! Just take a tablespoon of salt, a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice, and then enough honey as to where you end up with a paste like substance. Then apply onto stomach and wrap in Saran Wrap tightly and leave on for 10 minutes. The more you do this the more weight is lost! I have no idea how it worked but I'm so pleased with the results!

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How to Make Your Own Body Wrap

Holy CRAP! This actually worked! The at home body wrap took inches off my mid section...seriously incredible. PIN NOW!

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DIY Body Wrap

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Easy Two-Day Detox Guide + Recipes

Easy Two-Day Detox Guide + Recipes |

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