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Are you as smart like Dr. Spencer Reid, sporty like Derek Morgan, or good with computers, just like Penelope Garcia? Find out in this personality quiz!

Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan can call me 'Baby Girl' any time)

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Where's the Criminal Minds fandom

"Every man should talk to his girl like Derek Morgan talks to Penelope Garcia."

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25 Reasons To Love Derek Morgan From "Criminal Minds"

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Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds. Yes, I know this is just an actor portraying a fictional character, but it's my board so just be quiet and let me look at him.

Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia's phone calls! Always hilarious, always adorable, always sexy

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Derek Morgan. Hot damn!!! I love him!

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queue criminal minds Matthew Gray Gubler spencer reid derek morgan mine: cm Shemar Moore this is one of the best friendship ever

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Morgan and Penelope are definitely relationship goals even though they aren't even together

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