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Dressing the Debutante - the details

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Penteado de noiva com flores

Noiva-com-flor-no-cabelo-Casar-com (13)

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Jasmine Deb Dress - Debutante Dresses and Formal Dresses - My Deb Dress

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Inside the Life of a Debutante, from the Dress Fitting to the Ball

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Debutante announcements | Debutante Invitations

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A glimpse inside the world of debutantes in the Fifties and Sixties

Rizzoli "Debutantes in the Fifties" but I'll read anything published by Rizzoli.

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Festa de 15 anos da Larissa Felinto

Festa de 15 anos - Debutante Larissa Felinto

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Jacqueline Bouvier, Debutante of the Year, 1947.

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Debutantes dazzle while introduced into society at Vienna Opera Ball

Right out of the history books. 186 debutantes and their partners dance the opening waltz at the Vienna Opera Ball.

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Vintage Debutante Ball <--- This is a powerful image! LOVE THIS! (This is the life I always envisioned myself living when I was a little girl. ~Wanda)

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