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Death Metal Heavy Metal Memes.

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Death metal -- "Serving Size: Until Seizure , Servings Per Album about 4.5" hahahaha

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Trying to explain death metal...

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Perfect Example: Black Damask by Motionless in White. I tricked my dad into listening to it, I told him to "listen to this cool Piano song" and he was all like "sounds beautiful" then BAM! I laughed so hard at his reaction.

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cannibal corpse

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ESP guitar from Japan …

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Morbid Angel | Death Metal band from Tampa, Florida in 1984. One of the best selling death metal bands in America and had earned a name for itself with its complexity and the technical skill of its members.

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Chuck Schuldiner is universally known as the Father of Death Metal. The driving force behind Death, the band directly responsible for conceiving the death metal genre, Schuldiner poured everything he had into his music, composing some of the most hauntingly beautiful riffs that still influence death metal bands today. Chuck is gone but not forgotten. And although they disbanded after Chuck's passing, the mighty DEATH still reigns supreme in the Great Pantheon of Metallum.

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The Sound of Death Metal

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Art by Mark Riddick A good fantasy representation of the Fantastic Four/ Avengers villain Galactus.

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