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Agenda Cultural RJ: Mostra de dança contemporânea no Galpão Gamboa, a...

No sábado, Encontro em Bach reúne música clássica, breaking e euritimia no Mirante da Dança - Neste final de semana, a primeira mostra de Dança Contemporânea de Botucatu – Mirante da Dança – misturará Euritmia, Breaking e Música Clássica, com o espetáculo Encontro em Bach, do Trio Co-Move, formado pelos artistas botucatuenses, Jonas Estevão, Patrícia e Claudio Bertalot. O mesmo grupo ainda -

There is nothing gay or un manly when you are close to close and holding a beautiful woman in movement....balance, strength and power.... and some dickhead no nothing idiots still think to be able to dance is not a manly thing, bahhhh crap and piffffel, and we blokes who can and will dance get all the babes, so little do they know eh ? ☺


Great and famous dance movies

Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines in "White Nights." (Great soundtrack, too.)


Analogia Inusual Dance Performing - by Sasha Waltz (1963), German


The Bee's Knees: Alonzo King Lines Ballet company. *sigh*


Ballerina Aesha Ash was recommended to leave the corps of the New York City Ballet because the master in chief basically said she had accomplished all she could as a Black dancer. After the decision to leave, Ash joined Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet, a company based in San Francisco, where she soared. She also started a blog, The Black Swan Diaries, for all those following in her footsteps to learn from her story as well as other Black dancers that share their experiences.