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Dan Howell: The cute, nerdy guy who is best friends with Phil Lester and wants people to know that they are not gay. Unless you mean happy, then yes. They are.

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I know the girl who took this picture and I didn't think I'd find it on Pinterest!!!

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I'm not gonna lie I just really tried not to make a really loud pterodactyl noise because I'm in the car with my family....

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Imagine looking like this all the time = dan howell's reality

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((Dan Howell)) Hi I'm Dan. *smiles* I'm 22. Single. I'm really into this 'ghost'…

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keep in mind that in the first two he was starING AT A STATUE BUTT AND IN THE LAST TWO HE GOT CAUGHT

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Phil found one! Like this pin?? Why not check out my board!!

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Dan Howell playing piano is my favorite thing ever <3

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Can we please talk about this picture? I believe it's worth talking about

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Oh god the Pokemon fan fiction one... that was interesting.

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