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Baroque Church of the Sign of Our Lady, Dubrovitsy, Russia.

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blue Russian shawl with green, turquoise and pink, oversized shawl, fringed shawl, large floral wool shawl, Pavlovo Posad shawl NWOT

This is a fantastically rare and collectable Russian shawl made in Pavlovo Posad, with pink roses and paisley on brilliant cobalt blue and turquoise. The shawl was stored in someone's chest in Bukhara as part of someone's dowry. Russian shawls for a long time have been part of a costume of Uzbek, Turkmen, Tajik and Kyrgyz women, representing the beautiful mix of cultures in Central Asia, along the Great Silk Road. The girl is an Uzbek/Russian mix. #mulberrywhisper


Russian Bathhouse of 1878, known in Russia from the ancient times. Very much alike Finland and Scandinavian Bathhouses; even all peasants owned not only a house but a bathhouse as well. Until 1700 Russian women were taken to bathhouses to give birth to children; since the 18th century this tradition was followed only by serfs or peasants.