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Finest example of Celtic La Tene stone art in all of Europe, the Turoe Stone. The Turoe stone is a granite stone decorated in a Celtic style located in the village of Bullaun, County Galway, Ireland.


Visiting an old cemetery would be totally creepy for me, but I feel like I'd enjoy it.

The largest of the Margam Stones - a huge stone wheel, shaft and pedestal. Two inscriptions. 'Conbelin erected this cross for the soul of Ric...', and 'Sodna made this cross'. It is now in the Margam Stones Museum. Celtic culture


I have no idea what the article attached to this image was trying to say but this is a lovely example of a Celtic Cross

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“Celtic Cross”, pintura de Carl Gustav Jung em “O Livro Vermelho” (Liber Novus). Veja mais em: