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Alien Revolution

Crop Circle at Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire. Reported 1st August 2012.

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120 Amazing Crop Circles: Work of Devil, UFOs or Hoaxes

Crop Circle "Whirling Star": Milk Hill, Wiltshire, UK, 14th August 2001. Photo: Steve Alexander

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Crop circle season arrives with a mathematical message

An impressive wheat design from Silbury Hill, July 2009

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Crop circles as they have evolved over the years - FASCINATING PHENOMENON - strangest mandalas of all ...

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10 Amazing Crop Circles: Windmill Hill,Wiltshire,UK More

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Crop Circle Photographs 2010

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Made this into a t-shirt

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Last night, in a small town called Ansty, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, England - An incredible new Crop Circle appeared that is like none we've ever seen before. This one depicts a very Stargate-like glyphs circling the outer ring, surrounded by a tri-fold of flower leaves emerging from the center with a subtle Sixfold symmetrical hexagonal…

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The Human Butterfly : Biggest Crop Circle Ever ! - Psychedelic Adventure

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Los Crop Circles Mas Raros

Los Crop Circles Mas Raros … More

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