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criminal minds ...hahaha he does so much more than that

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Criminal Minds... people in real life crack me up when compared to their alter TV egos

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Criminal Minds - Matthew Gray Gubler and Joe Mantegna from 'Crimnatic' on Instagram

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Instagram photo by @criminalmindss (Criminal Minds) | Statigram

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"Can you guys do me a favor?" "Anything." "Could at least one of you look like you're going to see me again?"

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Why Matthew Gray Gubler Is The Nerd Of Your Dreams

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Which Criminal Minds Character Are You?

Are you as smart like Dr. Spencer Reid, sporty like Derek Morgan, or good with computers, just like Penelope Garcia? Find out in this personality quiz!

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this photo should be illegal....too much cuteness in one freaking photo.

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Community Post: 21 Times Spencer Reid From "Criminal Minds" Stole Your Heart

When he perfected the “just rolled out of bed” look: | 21 Times Spencer Reid From "Criminal Minds" Stole Your Heart

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So relatable. Only I can live somewhere two years and still not make friends...

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