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Do you dream of sky-high arabesques? The secrets to success may surprise you.

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Gomukhasana Cow-Faced Pose © Leslie Kaminoff’s Yoga Anatomy B E N E F I T S — Stretches the ankles, hips and thighs, shoulders, armpits and triceps, and chest — Improves posture — Tones abdomen — Raises prana and increases energy levels in the torso — Aids digestion (due to the torso being unrestricted, the spine being straight and the increased energy levels) — Allows you to come into the present moment helping to clear and focus the mind.

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#URDHVA DHANURASANA Upward bow pose with straight legs. Awesome illustration.

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How To Stop Certain Age Related Muscle Loss

Progressive strength training counteracts muscular atrophy

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Hips workout. Join our community at

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Kids salmon ladder More

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A child w/ strabismus lacks the ability to synchronize their eyes together as a team. 1 eye will turn in or out. But this is not an eye muscle issue. It is a visual brain coordination issue. Effective VT for strabismus must include all functions of the visually-directed motor & sensory functions of the pt. This can be thought of as VT-Synchronicity. Noah (w/ ET) doing a visually guided gross motor activity that helps him integrate the 2 halves of his body. ~from Wow Vision Therapy facebook…

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Elevation Latérale Buste Penchée avec Haltère

Resistance Training Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Strength training

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