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Críticas Nas Respostas Do Leitor

T Tell the reader something you like! A Ask the writer a question. G Give the writer a positive suggestion.

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very cute site.... AWESOME solar system unit with candy and art projects! CHECK this one out

Purdue OWL: Literary Theory and Schools of Criticism

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I could easily change this for conversation starters during critiques.

Literary Criticism: look at texts through literary lenses. High school Bulletin board. Critical thinking. Feminism, Marxism, reader response, historical.

What is Reader Response?-- In this video, the instructor discusses reader response criticism. He also talks about paying attention to how the text invites a response.

Table Texting is a fun, interactive strategy you can use with any piece of text or topic. The key is to pose a higher-level question that encourages thinking among students. Students respond to the question in writing. The teacher or facilitator collects the papers and redistributes them. Students get to read other responses and reply. The process continues until all of the speech bubbles are completed. At the end, students get to read their classmates' responses.

Purdue OWL: Literary Theory and Schools of Criticism

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Education to the Core: How to be a good critic.

Literary Criticism Powerpoint for Beginners

This 18-slide powerpoint is an introduction to seven popular modes of literary criticism: reader-response, biographical-historical, formalist, femi...

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