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cowboy (not sure this is exactly what Louis L'Amour had in mind...but maybe if E.L. James writes a western) ;D


Wow, Dad. That looks like fun. I'd like to do that when I get big. - Okay, son. I'll teach you how to be a real-life cowboy. - Thanks, Dad.


This photo is so appealing to me. I like cowboys anyway, but praying cowboys .... who could ask for more? And, then the one cowboy reaching out to the other one as if to give him strength ...... it touches me deeply.

Beautiful... Christina Handley is a full time photographer with a career spanning over 13 years. She specializes in natural/available light photography. Christina is recognized world wide for her unique horse, agriculture and people lifestyle images.

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The Winter Cowboy

"Winter In Wyoming" by Sue Thomson | Redbubble--my kind of pretty :)

"C’mon little fella. You’re safe and sound now. I’ll get you back to the barn and warm you up. You got a nice long 24 mont...


"Why hello there…" Dying at your comment @Shannon Nelson, and didn't know where to put this one in the animals or the hotness....hotness won out!


Where was this picture taken???... Okay, I definitely need to go THERE! I'll take them all. (:


precious special moment:: I know we don't see a horse, but there just Has to be one just outside the parameter of this photo!!!!!