Cornish rex

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Health Problems in Cornish Rex Cats Click the picture to read

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Cornish Rex Kitten- for some reason I am drawn to this little guy. He is so funny looking he is cute!!

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Did You Know That Cornish Rex Kittens Are Some of The Most Intelligent Kittens in the World?

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Cornish Rex Cat BreedersSiggy's Paradise

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СПАСИТЕ СВОИХ ЛЮБИМЦЕВ!! ЛАМИНИН за 5 лет показал ОШЕЛОМЛЯЮЩИЕ РЕЗУЛЬТАТЫ в спасении Животных от Любых заболеваний.

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Cornish Rex Cat History,Size and Weight Click the picture to read

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Devon Rex. Adorable and sheds considerably less than the average cat!! I want one!

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Cornish Rex-Accidentilly bred at first. One wavy haired kitten emerged from a litter in Cornwall 50 years ago. The bread was only recognized seventeen years later.

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Cornish Rex, what a graceful cat ❤

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10 Interesting Facts about Cornish Rex Cats Click the picture to read

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