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Heartland ranch house …


Heartland Set (The Barn)- I want stalls like these!


The Tragically Hip - Gord Downie


And that perception is usually self serving/ selfish. Men. If you don't want your women sharing personal relationship issues with other people, be available and willing to talk to her. I have emotionally closed shop now so it's too late. Don't let your woman get to that point.


#Heart disease remains leading cause of death in Canada, says Heart Fit director - Heart disease remains leading cause of…

#London Health Sciences Centre warns of low risk of infection for heart surgery patients - London Health Sciences Centre…

that is Amy and Remi. Did you know that Remi is Amy's dog for real life.

TORONTO - It would seem that the bonkers clan at the heart of "Schitt's Creek" is inching towards accepting their riches-to-rags reality. But rest assured, they will never fully shed their special brand of crazy, star Eugene Levy says as a third season of the hit CBC-TV series debuts Tuesday. #Schitt's Creek‬ #‪Eugene Levy‬‬

Amber Marshall...Amy Flemming and Spartan!


15+ Things You Should Not Refrigerate

15+ Things You Should Not Refrigerate |My Thirty Spot