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"So do you know how they get that “three percent” figure? Like this: If a particular clinic kills three babies in a day, but gives out 100 condoms, they will then say that abortions only comprised “three percent” of their business on that particular day. That’s like if a pediatrician gives all of his patients sugar free lollipops and then someone claimed that “half of his business” involves giving out l


#Uganda Gvoernment Public Spokesman Ofwono Opondo is a murderer Ofwono Opondo kills with impunity and the police will do nothing about his crimes because of his position of threatening and killing. On Thursday September 29 2016 Ofwono attended a funeral service at St. Luke Church of Uganda in Ntinda (Kampala area) in Uganda. Ofwono Opondo proceeded to Tororo for the burial. After burial everyone drove back from Tororo. Ofwono Opondo did not leave Tororo. Burial was on Saturday October…

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Purina's Fecal Scoring Chart

Ever had to report on your companion's stool condition to your veterinarian? If so, you may find Purina's Fecal Scoring chart particularly u...


Ice vs. Heat: What's Best for Your Pain?

Arthritis, gout, headache, muscle sprain? The experts at Cleveland Clinic explain when to use ice or heat to relieve your particular #pain.

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About Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy does not impose a particular approach on the client. Instead it encourages a gentle response which empowers the body’s own resources to heal itself. Bowen therapy moves are a study in delicacy, being light, gentle and very precise.


These 29 Rare Animals Are Made Up Of Two Entirely Different Halves


the slanted structure uses locally sourced tiles and its particular form was chosen to naturally guide people's eyes towards the sky and surrounding townscape.

Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy: Activity Pack For /S/ vs. /TH/ Minimal Pairs (Words to Sentence Level) Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.