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^^^^THIS WILL BE SAID AT MY WEDDING (assuming he likes anime, and I hope he does)

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What Ouran Host are you?

You know what I hate about this picture? People overlook the obvious. It's HikarU AND KAORU COSPLAYING TRIP AND VIRUS FROM DRAMATICAL MURDER! :D

why I love Ouran- Am I the only one that has noticed the bottom picture isn't even Tamaki? It's Nekozawa, Tamaki has purple eyes!!!

Ouran High School Host Club; LOL Just Rewatching Ouran High School Host Club series again and The Red Arrow Wouldn't Stop Flashing on The Expensive Vase


I kept wondering the relevance of this scene. I finally found it.


I went to a panel with Vic Mignona, the voice actor for Tamaki in the dub once. Someone asked if Tamaki was the king of the emo corner. He IMMEDIATELY said yes . He has spoken


Wouldn't he already be there? I thought there had to be a groom for a wedding, so he'd have to be there anyway since he's needed.

Ouran High School Host Club || anime funny<<<true Tamaki is doting on Haruhi, Mori is being strong and silent, Honi is being his adorable self, the twins are being mischievously cute, Haruhi just wants fancy tuna and the stupid rich people to stop bugging her, and Kyoya is being techy and doing something businessy and important


LMAO!! The caption reads "maou no me" (the devil king's eye)!! I have physically died! Kyouya-the "low blood pressure evil lord"!rofl OHSHC


Ouranosaurus ~~ "Kiss kiss fall into extinction." :: Wow, who knew this even existed?!