Colin Morgan is so attractive that everyone died<---That comment isn't funny after the last episode!

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Tom Hiddleston and Colin Morgan… I have lost the ability to can….....what is this!

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Colin Morgan, my favorite Irishman.

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Colin Morgan - how do those cheekbones even exist? I'd have to ask the guy from…

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Colin Morgan in the living and the death

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Colin Morgan 2017.

prettyprettyboys: tennantsinthetardis: Colin Morgan and Bradley James shirtless. You’re welcome. what babes~

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Beadley James/Colin Morgan

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If i was going to make a Vampirates movie, Colin Morgan would have cast as Lorcan Furey. Dark hair, blue eyes that make your knees melt, and Irish. Prefect!

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Colin Morgan for Tristan Aldric. Husband of Morgana Aelius-Valentinus, Father of Saja Aldric. Cousin of Charlotte Belasko, Uncle of Elizabeth Belasko-Valentinus. VAMPIRE/WITCH.

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