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Bobwhite Housing and Care, great pdf article on right side of website

NATO Peacekeeping, Family Harmony, and Automatic Chicken Doors

I spent 10 years in NATO assignments, so I’m pretty acquainted with the challenges of trying to accommodate seemingly incompatible desires. Hey, if I could somehow deal diplomatically with both si…

Codornizes assadas no forno com batatas

Do you raise quail? You can plant them their own edible garden to supplement feed expenses. Do this by raising quail on the ground. Garden Up Green

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Beleza da Natureza

Quail cage / chicken cage for when they outgrow the brooder

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GO BIG or just GO HOME ….. Raising Meal Worms for Chickens

Meal Worm Farm Chicken Food

Quail Farming for Modern Homesteaders

Find out reasons why you should consider keeping quail. They are a great multi-purpose bird and often you can keep them in areas that aren't zoned for chickens and ducks.

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Raising Quail for Eggs: The Perfect Solution for Urban Homesteaders

Homeowner Association regulations, city ordinances, or quite simply a lack of space confounds many who would like to gather fresh eggs daily. Quail just might be the solution! They're easy and can be raised in small spaces.

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A complete practical guide for anyone starting out or already keeping quail in an area such as a back garden, patio or even balcony. The book has a wealth of valuable information covering all key areas including: quail housing: pens, runs and cages, quail egg production, health and general care, food and nutritional requirements, breeding: how to incubate and hatch your quail eggs and how to cull humanely and process your own quail meat.

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