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Clockwork Angel... I can see two vey bad things involved with this, other than that, very nice design

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“One must always be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”

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'Clockwork Angel' by Cassandra Clare

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I have finally find this quote!!!! I read it about some time ago and i was just reading The Clockwork Angel from the saga of The Infernal Devices and found it. This is one of my favorite quotes.

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This book was far more hilarious than i expected it to be

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The Infernal Devices, WOW. just... I can't imagine a life without this book. that sounds weird but.... wow. Definitely read this before you read the Mortal Instruments!

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aranelb: Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare Chapter 19 - Boadicea

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Will Tessa Kiss, Clockwork Angel. This is beautiful. They belong together. Team will

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Clockwork Princess Love is so powerful here, between man and woman and best friends

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The infernal devices | Will Herondale there first words excuse me while I go cry.

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