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haha...would love to say this to a few miserable people I am acquainted with!

de Cube Breaker

Couple Makes Up For Awful Tip in Awesome Way

sorry about the awful tip we left yesterday...

Miserable people always find a way to be miserable.

Miserable people will try to make you miserable.

You know those miserable people that live to make everyone else miserable? Just piss 'em off by being happy anyway!

Very true. Often when people are miserable, they can't be happy for others.

Sorry that you have to cut everyone else down to make your own miserable life seem so fantastic.

First thing I did after reading this was to look at who posted it, expecting it to say For You Alison, from Leslie....

Let's spread rumors because we're so miserable and unhappy with our own lives we need to make up shit to temporarily lift our self-esteem.