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Seeing red? Future Toyotas will sense your mood Cameras mounted inside the cabin study the driver's facial expressions to customize the electronics system based on the driver's mood.

Guys the last one is false he did die of drugs that his doctor gave him to sleep

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spreading rumor quotes and pics | People will always spread rumours about you . | Quotes and Sayings

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rumors, the way to self-realization lol

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8 Gruelling Facts About King Henry VIII, Henry's wife Anne did NOT in fact have six fingers.

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omg... Perfect.

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You don't have to explain anything to anybody about anything. Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ3036)

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According to this, I know a few haters who are followed by posses of fools. And I am surrounded by idiots.

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(S)aint - Marilyn Manson. Song rumored to be an ode to Rose McGowan. He says "I am a dandy in the ghetto with a snow white smile, super ego bitch, I've been evil awhile". Fans and critics speculate this is due to rumors that she was raised in a cult commune. I know I am certainly not thinking about her, I have my own bitch in this scenario.

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