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Racism isn’t over. But policymakers from both parties like to pretend it is.

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A-And yet, they elected him. What does that say to you about how women are viewed in this country? The man who occupies the highest office of government treats us like objects and the country comes out in record numbers to put this asshole in office.

THINK board: future classroom and inspiration for all adults too.


11 Inspiring Reads by Women, About Women to Kickstart Your Year

Suelene Simplício : Feminismo e Libertarianismo : uma nova visão.


Não foi a raça que construiu o racismo, foi o racismo que construiu a raça - Mia Couto [Posfácio]


Every woman is free to do what they want, but don't bash Michelle Obama and say she has no class while rooting for Melania Trump

At Leas 6 Women Have Accused Trump Of Sexual Misconduct-How Many More Will Come Forward? The allegations are in line with the 2005 tape that was released with Billy Bush and the Howard Stern tapes. Not to mention the nasty things he has said about his accusers.....


A-I don't care about punk music, aside from the fact that it started a self-love revolution in modern-day Black culture, but I'm big on giving credit where credit is due, and recognizing our people's contributions, which are abundant.

Essa imagem resume como vejo um racista. A pior forma é quando, mesmo dotada de inteligência, a pessoa é racista. “Uma pessoa burra é aquela que causa algum dano a outra pessoa ou a um grupo de pessoas sem obter nenhuma vantagem para si mesmo – ou até mesmo se prejudicando.” Carlo Cipolla. Racismo é burrice!