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True! We don't settle for less than what we deserve! We're demanding and high maintenance for a reason!



para el verano: una camisa oscura y corto, una falda blanca y negra, las botas negras, las gafas. cuestan: $55/48,81€


This brings so much in to perspective!!! In an abuse group I attended about 20 months ago I w - survivors.united

21 guy code things

21 guy code things

Keep Smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about. Make your smile speak a lot.

...America the Weird. I can understand most of these but I don't see how the Pledge is so creepy??

Here Are The 20 Weirdest Things About Americans According To Foreigners. The Last One... Yep.

...America the Weird. I can understand most of these but I don't see how the Pledge is so creepy??


Characterization: Maria Teresa- Step 1, "I feel so lucky that we have him for president. I am even born the same month he is (October) and only nine days (and forty-four years!) apart. I keep thinking it shows something special about my character" (37). Maria Teresa is a very innocent character, it shows in this quote because she doesn't know about Trujillo's secret, but since her family adores him, she follows. She also shows that she likes to look at the positive side if things.


40 Motivational Quotes You Must Know

A must read for anyone who's already thinking about quitting their new year's fitness regime! #sports #fitness #quotes Inspirational quotes

Which is why "Meaghan Robertson," whom I've never even met but who gossips about me as if she is intimately acquainted with my life and labors under the delusion that I don't know she does that, sent me a friend request literally within a week of me creating a Facebook page. Bless her heart, and her immature drama squad too. #blockedandlaughedat #getyourselfalifesister


Curiouser and curiouser

"Helena Bonham Carter: 'We're the bonkers couple' ~ The actor tells Simon Hattenstone about life with Tim Burton, their latest spectacular, Alice In Wonderland – and being branded a 'disastrous dresser'" ~ Helen's quote: " I feel more sexy than ever, not because I'm sexually attractive, I just feel I've grown into my body." ♥ HER!