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This made me a good way.

This made me a good way.

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Almost 1am and my mind won't stop.

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Popular Gorgeous Hand Tattoos For Your Beautiful Hands - Trend To Wear

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me girl quote life depressed sad quotes hurt young leave crying ...

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You're not. And please don't cut. Omg I thought this was to make people stop o-o

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quote about cutting

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Why is it that the media always show us beautiful woman, with unattainable bodies. I'm so passionate about trying to reinforce positive body image for all ages, gender and race.

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.Attempting to end cutting behavior for someone else, other than yourself won't work.Been there, Done that. Do it for you. You don't deserve anymore pain, anymore scars, inside or outside.

Not a true story if you think about it. As sweet as it sounds, it just wouldn't happen. ...No one that Wants to Kill You or even just Threaten You - to get something from you - is going to go to all the trouble of pulling up your sleeves to slice wrists. And even if they did, they wouldn't stop just because they saw you already had scars.

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