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Fotos y Vídeos de la Guerra Civil Española

gerra civil

Spain - 1936. - GC - Madrid - Manifestación en la calle Génova. Una madre con su hijo en brazos, tras ella una pancarta reza Madrid será invencible

Spanish Civil War

Simone Weil - French philosopher, Christian mystic and political activist of Jewish origin. Simone Weil, a soldier during the Spanish Civil War (1936).

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Eighty Years Later, A Homage to Catalonia: Indians and the Spanish Civil War

What Colors Should You Surround Yourself With?

Get into your groove.

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Come join the Pediatric & School Based Therapy Group on Google+ - Still small but already quite active! This is an interdisciplinary group! - Come check us out!!

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Lucía Sánchez Saornil, a Spanish anarcha-feminist. She was one of the founders of Mujeres Libres (Free Women), an anarchist organization that fought for equal rights for women in 1930s Spain. She was also a prominent poet and wrote often under a male pseudonym which gave her the freedom to explore taboo themes like homosexuality, which was illegal at the time. Being both an anarchist and a lesbian, she was forced to spend her later years more or less in hiding and had to relocate every few…

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Does Donald Trump Owe An Apology To Megyn Kelly? Fox News Chief Thinks So -

Aye yo', pass this.

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