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The folks at McDonald's have seen too much shit to beat around the bush.

I can't contain my excitement

not sure if pinning for the joke or for the rude blockhead crouton


same at my job More

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Yeah...I don't mean to do it, but if I don't say it right then and there I'll lose my train of thought.


Yes but I'd consider it to be more correct to be kind than right in situations where no harm is being done by the other persons beliefs. If the world were all atheists and scientists. We would divide among theories and schools of science and ridicule each other for that. It's human nature to fear what you don't understand and we still haven't evolved enough to developers an education system which teaches tolerance of difference of opinion.


This is hilarious, the triflin part got me lol

Embrace Your Inner Fantasy…

"Somewhere out there there is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology." Dr. Gregory House, House MD quotes


I remove myself from people's lives silently and gracefully (or the total opposite, depends on you and the situation)

Sooooo true. Losing weight, tanning, whatever you do, your heart is still ugly.