Sou abençoada pela vida ter me presenteado com amigos assim

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I used drugs to escape, and they worked pretty well when I was younger. But they devastated me physically and emotionally—and spiritually ... [they put me] in such a low state that I couldnt communicate with God. Theres no lonelier place to be. I was separated from God, and I wasnt even trying to call on Him. I knew that there was no line of communication. But He came back. And I ...…

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I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with someone who makes you feel all alone.

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Frases e citações #amor Spiritual Words | Spirituality | Energy | Consciousness | Enlightenment | Quote | Collective Conscious | Earth People | Crystal Kids | Indigo Children | Mind Body Soul | Love | Peace

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Tu m’appartiens | You belong to me | /ty ma.paʁ.tjɛ̃/

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Club Penguin, speaking truth and making people cry since 2005.

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"A gente fica esperando que a alegria haverá de chegar depois da formatura, do casamento, do nascimento, da viagem, da promoção, da loteria, da eleição, da casa nova, da separação, da aposentadoria... E ela não chega porque a alegria não mora no futuro, mas só no agora." - Rubem Alvez

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I remember when we used to have cards as marks (if you were ace but wanted romance then it was ace of hearts etc) and this was the card for aromantic aces

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Hey There Delilah | One of my all-time favorite songs..since i was younger <3>> Admit it. Y'all didn't read that. Y'all sang it

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