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Lake Malawi Cichlids

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Blue Jack Dempsey

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How to Care For Cichlid...The cichlid fish has a very colorful appearance which makes them one of the most popular fish to own. Their care is not that difficult but they do have requirements that must be adhered to in order for them to be healthy.Most cichlids come from Africa, but they are also found in Central and South America. They are found in many different kinds of waters, such as rivers, lakes and ponds. There are many different cichlid species and many different color variations.

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Tropheus Lueba

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Oooh pretty! (african cichlid) - I need one to go with my glow in the darks!!!!

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Aulonocara SP. (Hybrid) OB Peacock Cichlid Sunshine Peacock Cichlid | Lake Malawi

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haplochromis | Male Haplochromis sp. 44 "Red Tail" © H. Blair Howell

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Duboisi Cichlid. I WANT ONE!

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What's The Best Looking Cichlid - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community

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pink Peacock Cichlid | Malawi Peacock Cichlid More