Glass cello made by Hario Glass Corporation in Japan. I would Love to PLAY this Cello!

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peacocks cello --- peacocks are bad luck in our family, but the cello has been played by every generation

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‘KSO Goes to the Movies’ to tempt concertgoers March 8 with auction of ‘Starry…

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Stradivari Cello CD Rack $230 #theviolincase

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Cello More

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The Jacqueline Du Pré cello bow, by Tubbs.

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urbanpastures: A Painted Violin For The Helena Symphony

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Aluminum Cello - Japanese craftsmanship, Yamashita Kogyo is Japanese company known as hammering out the Shinkansen nose shape by human hand. Now they create handmade Aluminum Cello. From @Linda Welker

Every cellist in an orchestra seriously needs this. It'd certainly make people stop stepping OVER your cello.<<<YESS

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I miss playing Stradivari's Marylebone cello, 1688 I really need to play cello again. I miss…

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