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Poke-a-creeper game. Each cup was filled with a prize. The kids poked their fingers into the cup and found things like fake mustaches, gems, bubbles, etc. How-to: Use a hot glue gun to glue the bottom of solo cups to a piece of foam board. Fill each cup with a prize. Cover each cup with a green napkin. Secure with a rubber band. Place black napkins on top in shape of creeper face. Each child sticks finger through a napkin and retrieves the prize inside!


Minecraft Creeper Lamp. Some black felt, lovely lime green lamp (another ikea special!) and a bit of inspiration and we have our very own 'Creeper lamp' to add the finishing touches :)


This is true. I hate it when this happens.

Minecraft – PlayStation 4 is a fun and exciting game for kids, will expand their imagination with this endless world and create whatever they desires and there is a constant challenge of survival. I highly recommend starting with the tutorial which goes over only the basics and then it jumps over to the “survival mode” has you waking up in the middle of nowhere and learning to fend for yourself.


Maybe if u found a cool cave opening


Berry Vine | Minecraft Building Inc - Use lapis or redstone ore blocks, cover with vines.