::Calum Hood:: "Hey! I'm Calum Hood! I'm 20. Im a prince. I hate it! I'm apart of 5sos with my 3 idiots. I have a younger sister named Brinley. And one named Jackson. And a brother named Cody. Intro?"

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O.o<<< I can't freaking breath I'm dead! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US CALUM THOMAS HOOD?!?!!?

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[ Calum hood ] "Hey I'm Calum.Im 19 and single.Me and Callie are twins.I play bass in 5sos.Intro?"

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Hwy guys!! I made a new story on wattpad called 'my best friends brother' it Calum ff. And would love you to read it!!! Follow me at Mya_hemmo96

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Imagine You go to the library and saw Calum came up and hugged you and he help you find a book.

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the face that Cal makes when I crack a cheezy joke or pun. I love it! <3

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Calum Hood. In a hood.>>> I'm too distracted by how good he looks to fully appreciate that comment.

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Calum Hood<You can't just write "Calum Hood" he is much more than that ❤️ @heleenasallam

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Calum Hood or a Holister Model...?<<the world may never know..

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OMIGERD cal looks so cute!! More

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