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Umibōzu is a spirit in Japanese folklore. The Umibōzu is said to live in the ocean and capsize the ship of anyone who dares speak to it. This spirit’s name, which combines the character for “sea” with the character of “Buddhist monk,” is possibly related to the fact that the Umibōzu is said to have a large, round head, resembling the shaven heads of Buddhist monks. Alternatively, they are enormous Yōkai (spectres) that appear to shipwreck victims and fishermen.

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Tattoos and Piercings are close to Tat, but she would have natural eyebrows and no makeup, and probably even more ink.

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askaboutnikki: beautiful

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Sinead O’Connor by Andrew Catlin / 1988

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bald girl | Tumblr …

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T. Q., bellanochesofficial: alice blomfeldt (5′9) @...

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Instagram photo by @marie_ullevoldsater (Marie Ullevoldsæter) | Statigram

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