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Red Cherry False Eyelash Collection List | Consists of both upper and lower lashes | What's your number?

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8 pairs of lashes Brands: Elise, NYX, Ardell, Revlon, De-Beauty, Red Cherry. 3 accents lashes, 4 full strips lashes, 1 lower lashes. Ardell Makeup False Eyelashes

COLLAR BONES FOR DAZE.....I wish that I looked like this. :( Blue eyes and an even complexion look gorgeous and timeless with red lips and pinup eyeliner; my tawny freckles and hazel eyes make me look like a kid in her mother's make-up. Is there no red out there for me?!

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This is a compilation of 2 photos @Cherry Lash Lounge.The top photo is of lashes with mascara residue. The bottom photo is what your lash line would look like from not cleaning lashes on a daily basis. You can see that it is red, inflamed, and has buildup(debri,crust,dryness). Clean lashes everyday if you wear eye makeup on a daily basis. Always use Bausch & Laumb saline to cleanse around the eye especially after workouts & if you have oily skin. This will keep your lashes healthy & long…

Red Cherry Eyelashes 218 (6 Pc Pack) >>> Click image for more details.

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47 - Harper

#47 Red Cherry Lashes

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Red Cherry - Falsche Effekt Wimpern Nr. D012 Red Cherry

Red Cherry - Falsche Wimpern 747U Echthaar Red Cherry