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As Minhas Câmaras: "Olympia" type camera (~1990)

As Minhas Câmaras: Voigtlander VF101 (1972-1976)

As Minhas Câmaras: Komsomolets (1946-1951)

As Minhas Câmaras: Pentax PC-50 (1994)

As Minhas Câmaras: Sinpo PQ-3

As Minhas Câmaras: Miranda MDS 1 (1995)

Since 1851 professional photographers used these cameras in their studios, (once the process of glass plate negatives had been perfected)

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As Minhas Câmaras: Canon Prima Junior (1988)

Leica. (The M9, if you have deep pockets. I adore my vintage Leica.)

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