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Bye-bye to you 23 Felicias!!! ~@guntotingkafir GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

Funny thing is Canada said they didn't want them either.....

I hope Canada is ready for an influx of whiners v


Let put ALL OF THEM in with REFUGEES that need to go back to their mother country!!!

O.K. Trump is elected....please do AMERICAN a favor and step down!!!!

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AND THIS IS IT! (Cocorrina)

i wo'nt be on for a week so i just wanted to say bye and i love you guysXstay strongX

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Bye bye! I won't put up with stupid, anymore!


Hahahaha not one is actually moving! Just another reason why The People should never allow themselves influenced by ACTORS! They get paid to entertain, not to comment on Politics. I mean if you get your political views from a comedian who was in Sister Act and a nasty chick who twerks on stage, you suck! Hahahaha

just confirmed the fact you've been creeping...who's a little bit insecure??? hmmmm


Yes you did but just had to f*ck up