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Kate Moss and Stella McCartney photographed by Bruce Weber for W Magazine, November 1997.

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Insanity but kind of amazing

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A life in the theatre Vogue Italia October 1996 | photographer: Bruce Weber

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kate moss by bruce weber

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Calvin Klein Sport 1988 by Bruce Weber

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lara stone by bruce weber for t the new your times style magazine, sep 14

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Vanessa Paradis by Bruce Weber • Vanessa Paradis (b. 1972 Dec 22, 40 in 2012) french music pop star/model since 14! child with johnny depp 1998-2012.

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"This isn't real" he whispered shaking his head as he shuffled over to her. His hands slowly reached out to grab her face and once they got there he could feel her wet cheeks under his skin. Maven cried harder burying her face in his hands and kissed his palm. "Maven?" He asked and it broke her heart to see him cry. "Baby are you real?" He asks again starting to gain hope and she nodded furiously kneeling on the ground. He hovered over her and clutched her to his chest whispering "I love…

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