Body modifications

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elf ear body mod I have to wonder if enough people started doing this if it would start happening naturally.

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more than a medusa piercing now I want a smiley piercing. cute.

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Stephanie Von Hutter-Thomas of International Suspension Alliance. #refinery29

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Love the hair and piercings! She looks like she is out of a fairy tale.

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Africa | tribal scarification, Sudan. Body modification: adapting to cultural…

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Facial cutting and branding by Brian Decker of Pure Body Arts.

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It's called scarification, it's a form of body modification where, as you might have predicted, the design is cut into your skin and the new skin that forms becomes the "tattoo"... It's crazy, but I must admit that the end product is absolutely incredible. Ugh I don't think so .....Cool but not for me ...

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Octopus scarification. Cthulhu is pleased.

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Body modification, heart, needles

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The Kayan women of Northern Thailand are known for the exquisite and incredible brass coils they wear around their necks. They are often called the "long necks" or the "giraffe women" by outsiders and can wear up to 25 coils, which many never take off.

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