Eli Mullan [Ben Whishaw] Elam Mullan's son. Has his eyes on being Ceres' next Minister of Foreign Affairs and is convinced Sinead is after the position too. She isn't. He considers himself her rival. It's one-sided.

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Ben Whishaw - better known to most as the new Q in Bond films.

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“I’m your new Quartermaster.” - Ben Whishaw

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Ben Whishaw [photo, but composition reminds me of artist-whose-name-eludes-me]

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The most amazing thing is when you find yourself watching someone in the café or something doing something weird. It's amazing what people do, isn't it, when you just look at them, when you take the time to look.Ben Whishaw

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Ben Whishaw in the original National Theater production of “His Dark Materials” in 2004

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English Actor Ben Whishaw - For some reason he makes me think of one of the Herman's Hermits. Aging myself here xD

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Ben Whishaw News, Ben Whishaw photographed by Syndi Huang. Interview...

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Little bit like Tom, too. Partly that sweet "protect me" quality? Also could totally pull off winklepickers and mad socks. (Photo of Ben Whishaw.)

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Ben Whishaw in portrays the character of Robert Frobisher in the film "Cloud Atlas"......

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