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(Open Rp someone be him) It was the end of the day. I came out of my class and saw the popular girl kissing my boyfriend. She looked over at me and smirked. I ran to the park, crying. "Katy?" I hear my boyfriend say.

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Sukitte ii na yo - Pesquisa Google

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When am I gonna get my first kiss this is adorable ☺️

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Técnica para Beijo Surpresa

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Acción pintura retrato de la historieta #SAI Repositorio #KISS ...:

Acción pintura retrato de la historieta #SAI Repositorio #KISS ...:

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animated free gif: lips kiss animation gif 3d photo images Soul meets ...

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Haha love this, she was disgusted and confused what Ruby said to the other gem.

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Sword Art Online, Asuna + Kirito, by naruse chisato Heart Break, Anime Couple Art, Anime Couples

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Anime garota fundo Mais

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Para melhorar o dia os 5 AS: Agradecer; Acreditar; Aprender; Alegrar; Amar.