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Auxicerus platyceps (Waterhouse,1883) F Lucanidae

10 of the largest insects in the world

If we keep it as a pet, we could name him Herman and he could share his bowl with the dog or the cat.

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Top seres coloridos

Bug inspiration --chrysolina fastuosa male Top seres coloridos Curiosidades

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Homoeocerus sp.- ISN'T HE GORGEOUS!! (Looks as though he has been coloured in!!) ⭕️

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Calligrapha rowena

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Ingrisma parallelicaps

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heart 1 Eupholus schoenherri Boisduval, 1835 (Curculionidae) New Guinea, West Irian

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Runibia decorata hip hop instrumentals updated daily =>

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Pachyscelus sp Longer legs would make this beetle a track star & let's hope it doesn't get stranded on its back

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Jewel Beetle // Sign up to be the first to see @Colleen Brind'Amouréoptère, a new jewelry line designed by @Vanessa Correa

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