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Baby Koala!!!! <3.<3

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110 Baby Animals Looking Sad

Community Post: 110 Baby Animals Looking Sad

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Koalas will forever remind us of our Libby kitty.

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These Baby Koalas Are Newly Out Of The Pouch And OMG They Are Cute

“He’s still climbing back into the pouch occasionally, but it’s a tight squeeze and his arms or legs are often sticking out. By New Year’s Eve I don’t think he’ll fit back in.” | This Baby Koala Came Out Of The Pouch In Time For Christmas And OMFG It's Cute - BuzzFeed News

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comeseibella: ronniebruce: theanimalblog: sabine: Sunday morning snuggly cuteness. (via)

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WATCH: This Baby Koala Will Melt Your Heart

Drop KOALA BEAR!..What big ears you have--The better to hear you with m'dear..No worries,he will grow into them..h...

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Baby koala

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21 Courageous Pets Who Don't Care What You Think

Be like this koala. Next time you see someone's bare leg - grab onto it and yell, "YOU'RE MY VEHICLE NOW!" | 21 Courageous Pets Who Don't Care What You Think

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The Best of Awwducational: Fun Facts About Adorable Animals

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