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Say & Believe what you feel, but Axl is the best front man. More

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Este macarra con esas melenas y esos tatuajes me vuelve locaaa! Lo sé no me pega nada, pero me casaría con él de no ser por su estado actual...

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Axl Rose, not sure what it says about me that some of my all time favorites are notorious assholes? I don't care, I love Axl!

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Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) & Axl Rose (GN'R). Yes three of my heroes!

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Duff McKagan and Axl Rose

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Axl Rose... Quite possibly the reason I fell in love with my long haired, leather wearing husband back in the day ❤

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Axl Rose - has to be one of the biggest twats in rock history. Boy can sing though.

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