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22 Pieces of Awesome Street Art from Around the World

50 street art murals. Have students take notes on each one, then go over notes to see what sticks out most in mural.


Linear Actions - sheets of paper cut freehand, one by one, then stacked. By Noriko Ambe★❤★

Shark repinned by


Pakal Sarcophagus Lid, depiction of King Pakal (603-683 CE) in the jaws of the underworld, symbolic of his death and journey into the underworld and resurrection with the Maize God. Temple of the Inscriptions, Palenque, Mexico. Maya, Late Classic Period.


Fritz Hegenbart 1864-1943 "Hegenbart’s work stands out for conjuring the slightly grotesque allegories I often like to see: The woman aiming an arrow from inside a serpent’s jaws represents Malice"

Senoufo Mask Wanyugo Les Sénoufo distinguent le petit monde dans lequel les humains vivent et l’immensité pleine de forces inconnues. Ce masque sert d’intermédiaire entre ces deux mondes et une boule de substance magique placée sur le front ou dans la gueule du masque symbolise les forces du mal.


Chongqing boy by SETH GLOBEPAINTER


Perseus (not Bellerophon) and Andromeda


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Recife de metal Tubarão, Peixe, Casa De Praia, Arte, Parede, decoração de casa, Mar, Vida Marinha, Coral

1964, Juhan Smuul, Dobrodružstvo v Japonskom mori